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Switzerland, One of the Top Investment Destinations at a European Level


Switzerland is one of the most prominent investment destination at European level and one of the most important investment sector refers to the construction industry. This stands out as a relevant achievement, as all European countries, including Switzerland, were affected by the economic crisis which began in 2007 and the level of investments in several states are starting to reach the level that was achieved prior to the economic crisis.

When to Close a Business in Switzerland


A business can be closed in Switzerland as an effect of many factors. Some can be determined by the way in which the company was managed, while others can be determined by external factors, such as an economic crisis. However, businesses can be shut down in the situation in which the investors no longer want to participate in that particular business. The liquidation process is performed following specific steps and businessmen can find assistance of the legal requirements from our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland.

5 Curiosities About Switzerland


Switzerland has certain characteristics which makes it a unique economy and society. Investors who want to open a company in Switzerland have numerous business opportunities in various fields. Switzerland is known throughout the world for its watchmaking industry and high quality chocolate, but the country also presents several curiosities. Our team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer assistance on the legal requirements available for the registration of a new business. Investors can also receive advice on how to obtain a permit available for residency or business purposes. 

Cost of Living in Switzerland


When searching for a business location, investors should take into consideration Switzerland, which is one of the most developed economies situated in Europe. However, it is not a member state of the European Union, and the regulations referring to company formation in Switzerland can differ from the ones established within the members of the Community. Those who want to open a Swiss company and who also want to relocate in this country should verify the costs of living in the particular region there are interested to live in. Our team of company formation specialists in Switzerland can offer advice for choosing a favourable region or city, in accordance with the characteristics of the future company. 

5 Tips for Growing a Business in Switzerland

Although Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union (EU), the local authorities are applying a similar legal system which is harmonized with the EU law. As such, European businessmen can invest on this market, which is one of the most solid in its area. It is important to know that foreign entrepreneurs are encouraged to open a business here through numerous bilateral agreements signed by the Swiss authorities with other countries. Those who want to establish their business presence on the local market are advised to apply several methods which can develop the value of the company; our team of Swiss company formation representatives can offer assistance on this matter. 

What to Invest in Switzerland in 2016


In the last few years Switzerland has become the synonym of practical investments because while in other parts of the world the economy has encountered difficulties, here there are a two domains one cannot fail by investing in: real estate and stocksSetting up a company in Switzerland in 2016 is also one of the best investments to make.

Switzerland Continues to Attract Foreign Investments in 2016


Several studies show Switzerland remains one of the most attractive countries in Europe for foreign investors. Among its strengths, the reports indicate the geographic location and the favorable taxation system. Also, three Swiss cities and three regions ranked among the top 25 cities, respectively regions of the future 2016/2017. Our specialists in company registration in Switzerland can provide you with complete information about the best cantons to invest in.

Switzerland - an Ideal Location for Foreign Investors


Switzerland ranked first in the European rankings for location, according to The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. The number of new companies in the country reflects the result, as more than 40,000 new organizations entered the Swiss commercial register over the last year. Out of the whole number, over a third were foreign investors. Our specialists in company formation can help you set up your business company in Switzerland, assisting you in all the procedures that need to be completed.

Switzerland: At the Top of the Financial Secrecy Rankings


Switzerland remains at the top of the financial secrecy index presented by the Tax Justice Network. This trait has been one of the most attractive ones of the country for foreign investors who want to open funds here or manage their assets. The country remains a global leader in cross-border asset management.

New Corporate Tax Reform Draft to Compensate for the Elimination of Swiss Special Tax Regimes


Last month the Swiss federal government introduced a revised draft legislation for the Corporate Tax Reform. The new reform abolishes all the special corporate tax regimes like the holding company regime. In order to compensate for the elimination of these beneficial regimes, the draft legislation also contains various additional measures. Our company registration experts in Switzerland can tell you more about how these measures can affect your Swiss company.

A new tax system in Switzerland?


Switzerland has been making changes in the corporate taxation system and in previous years business owners have seen a trend of cutting down taxes. However, this has stopped last year and investors are looking forward the next step: a new corporate tax system. Changes to the tax code are expected as soon as possible and these changes could mean that Switzerland will become more attractive to foreign investors.

The future of Swiss tourism

The strong Swiss franc is putting a pressure on Swiss businesses and is influencing the future of the Swiss tourism. The good news is that there is a solution to the perceived pressure: increasing the quality of the touristic services in this amazingly beautiful mountainous country. 

Predictions for the Swiss economic growth in 2015


Credit Swiss and the BAKBasel Economics Institute in Switzerland issued new predictions for the economic growth that is expected for the rest of 2014 and 2015. The two institutions believe that the Swiss economy will be influenced by certain factors, like immigration.