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+41 41 266 0070
Company Formation Switzerland



5 Tips for Growing a Business in Switzerland

Written by: Bridgewest

5-Tips-for-Growing-a-Business-in-Switzerland.jpgAlthough Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union (EU), the local authorities are applying a similar legal system which is harmonized with the EU law. As such, European businessmen can invest on this market, which is one of the most solid in its area. It is important to know that foreign entrepreneurs are encouraged by the local authorities to open a business here through numerous bilateral agreements signed by Switzerland with its partners. Those who want to establish their business presence on the local market are advised to apply several methods which can develop the value of the company; our team of Swiss company formation representatives can offer assistance on this matter. 


1. Address to the needs of the consumers

One of the most important aspects which can grow a business set up in Switzerland is to address to the needs of the consumers. The company’s management should conduct studies which will offer a clear image on the main requirements of the consumers, which can refer to the prices and characteristics established for the services or products sold on the local market. At the same time, it is necessary to tackle a brand taking into consideration the above mentioned needs. 


2. Analyse the competition

When accessing a certain business field in Switzerland, it is compulsory to analyse the overall industry, the business prospects and the ways in which the company can develop, but also the characteristics of the competitors

3. Evaluate the risks 

The management of the company can create various business strategies that will be applied on the local market. In such cases, the investors should evaluate the risks which may appear during the process. Such actions can prevent various types of crisis or provide solutions when and if they may appear; our team of Swiss company incorporation agents can offer assistance on this matter. 


4. Provide quality services or products

Another important aspect refers to the quality of the services or products sold to corporate or individual Swiss customers. Although products with a superior quality have a higher production cost, such measure can increase the overall value of the company

5. Choose suitable Swiss employees

Human resources represent one of the main assets of any business, regardless of its main activity or the country in which is established. Swiss workforce is characterized by a high level of education, with a literacy rate of 99%. 
Persons who are interested in receiving more tips on how to grow a business in Switzerland can address to our team of Swiss company incorporation consultants for assistance. 


  • Gaelle 2016-06-16

    Thanks for the tips! I think they can have a positive impact on the company.

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