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+41 41 266 0070
Company Formation Switzerland



5 Curiosities About Switzerland

Written by: Bridgewest

5-Curiosities-About-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland has certain characteristics which makes it a unique economy and society. Investors who want to open a company in Switzerland have numerous business opportunities in various fields. Switzerland is known throughout the world for its watchmaking industry and high quality chocolate, but the country also presents several curiositiesOur team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer assistance on the legal requirements available for the registration of a new business. Investors can also receive advice on how to obtain a permit available for residency or business purposes. 


1. Swiss cheese, 450 varieties 

The Swiss cheese is known throughout the world for its high quality taste and flavour. Those with a particular interest in the food industry should know that Switzerland offers more than 450 varieties. Its excellent quality has been proven several times, receiving the 1st prize at the World Championship Cheese Contest

2. First accommodation services in Switzerland, set up in 9th century 

Switzerland is at the moment one of the most developed economies in terms of tourism. It provides amazing views (mostly alpine landscapes, as more that 70% of the country is comprised of mountains) and top touristic services. Investors interested in company formation in Switzerland in this field should know that the first accommodation unit registered as a hostel was set up more than 1,000 years ago, at the initiative of an archdeacon living at the Great Saint Bernard Hospice

3. Four national languages in Switzerland 

Swiss population has a high degree of skills in terms of foreign languages. The country has a particularity in this sense, as it has four official languages, as follows: 
When hiring employees in Switzerland, this aspect can represent a great asset for the company, as the current business environment is a multinational one. Our team of company formation agents in Switzerland can offer assistance on the applicable legislation. 

4. Switzerland, a country welcoming foreigners 

The Swiss population is also comprised of citizens of numerous nationalities, as 23% of the local population is represented by foreigners. Investors who take into consideration relocating here on a long-term period can also apply for a citizenship permit


5. The abbreviation “CH” in Switzerland 

Most of the websites available in Switzerland end in the “CH” abbreviation. The letters come from the Latin name of the country, which is “Confederatio Helvetica”. 
We invite business to contact our team of company incorporation consultants in Switzerland for more details referring to the business environment available here. Our agents can offer assistance on any matter related to the registration of a business


  • Olga 2016-10-05

    Switzerland is a great country, with some characteristics that are not usually met in Europe (language distribution, political administration and many others). This article was really interesting!

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