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Buying a Property in Switzerland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Buying_a_property_in_Switzerland.jpgHouses in Switzerland

The Swiss real estate market is highly regulated and although foreigners are allowed to purchase properties here, the regulations vary from Canton to Canton. Foreigners who do want to buy their dream home or chalet in Switzerland will have to obtain one of the residence permits that allows them to purchase property in Switzerland
Our company formation experts in Switzerland can help you search for a suitable property and make all the necessary arrangements to conclude the purchase agreement.

Foreigners allowed to buy properties in Switzerland

Foreigners who can buy a property in Switzerland are EU or EFTA national who hold a Swiss residence permit, holders of C Permits, B Permit holders. Property purchase is allowed for B Permit holders but only or residential purposes, not for rent or sale.
Other individuals, such as non-resident foreigners, foreign residents without a Swiss work permit or workers who have seasonal work permit or short term work permits may not be allowed to purchase a property in Switzerland or may need to apply for a purchase licence.
Some restrictions can apply, according to the Canton, to the number of properties that can be bought per foreign family and also regarding the size of the property. Some Cantons may even restrict the amount of time after which the property can be sold again. 

The property purchase procedure in Switzerland

Foreigners who want to buy a house in Switzerland need to request the help of a Notary. The purchase procedure is straightforward and the Notary will act on behalf both parties: the seller and the buyer. He will also draw up the deeds and documents needed to conclude the purchase agreement. In most cases, a preliminary purchase agreement is signed and a deposit is made (usually 10% of the purchase price).
Individuals who want to buy a house in Switzerland need to pay the real estate transfer tax, the registration fee, the notary fees and the real estate agent’s fee. Please contact our company incorporation specialists if you are interested in working with a real estate agent in Switzerland. We can help you avoid any legal schemes and purchase the desired property.

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Being a member of BridgeWest legal network, I had the pleasure to work with colleagues at CompanyFormationSwitzerland.com. They handled successfully numerous company formation cases for my clients interested in starting businesses in Switzerland.
Mihai Cuc, Partner of MHC Law Firm

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