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Company Formation in Bern

Updated on Monday 25th March 2019

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Company-Formation-in-Bern.jpgBern is located at the center of Switzerland, thus having a close proximity to other important Swiss regions. Businessmen who want to invest in Bern can easily start a business in the services sector, which represents the largest industry of the region and the largest employer. 
Some of the most attractive business sectors when opening a company in Switzerland in the canton of Bern are the tourism industry, agriculture or the wine industry. Bern is included in the Greater Geneva Bern area, a Swiss region which is very well known for its centers of excellence, registered in fields such as life sciences, clean technologies, micro and nano technologies. Investors can request for legal assistance on any questions regarding the registration of a business in Bern from our team of consultants in company formation in Switzerland.

What business form should investors choose in Bern? 

Foreign or local investors can register in Bern any of the legal entities that are prescribed at the level of the Swiss Confederation. In order to correctly select a suitable business form for a local company, we invite businessmen to request for advice on this matter from our team of consultants in company registration in Switzerland
Some of the most relevant criteria for the selection of the legal entity are: the liability of the founders, the minimum share capital, the minimum number of founders needed for a structure or the tax system. Investors (both local and foreign) can choose from the following business forms: 
sole trader  it does not need a share capital and it must be incorporated by a single founder
limited liability company (LLC)    the capital requirement is of CHF 20,000 and it can be set up by minimum one shareholder
public limited company    it needs a minimum share capital of CHF 100,000 and at least one founder
limited partnership   it has to be incorporated by minimum two partners and it can be registered without a share capital

Why open a LLC in Bern, Switzerland? 

The LLC is one of the most common ways to open a business in Switzerland, Bern included. The reason why the LLC is selected for incorporation is given by the liability stipulations applicable to the company’s founders. Thus, entities which have the quality of shareholders will have limited liability for any company debts, which is limited to their participation at the company’s capital. 
Another advantage of this structure refers to the low incorporation costs; besides the general fees associated with the incorporation procedure, investors also need to deposit the company’s capital which, in this case, is of only CHF 20,000 (50% of it must be deposited during the registration of the company). 

Why open a subsidiary in Bern? 

Foreign companies interested to expand their operations in Bern, Switzerland, can opt to register a subsidiary. The subsidiary represents an independent, separate legal entity from its parent company and it needs to be incorporated under one of the legal entities prescribed by the Swiss commercial law. The subsidiary is the preferred means of foreign companies when expanding in Switzerland, as the parent company is only partially responsible for the company it set up in this country. 
In order to open a subsidiary in Bern, investors need to choose a business form and as a general rule, the LLC and the public limited company represent the most common ways to operate a subsidiary. Another common requirement is to register with the Swiss Companies Register; during its registration, the parent company must submit various company documents with the local institutions, such as the articles of association, the decision of  the board of the parent company to open a local subsidiary and other documents. 
Foreign companies can also expand here through a branch office, the difference being the company set up in Bern will be fully dependent to its parent company abroad. There are also several differences concerning the taxation of the two structures, and our team of specialists in company registration in Switzerland can assist with more details. 

What are the main taxes in Bern? 

Companies situated in Bern, Switzerland are required to register for taxation purposes. All commercial companies are taxed on their profits and capital. However, companies can benefit from a tax relief of up to ten years, in specific conditions. Companies can apply for a tax relief with the Bern Economic Development Agency.  
In the case of holding companies, additional tax reliefs can be obtained and we invite investors to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland for an extensive presentation on the main taxes businesses are liable to when investing in Bern

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