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Company Formation in Valais

Updated on Monday 15th April 2019

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Company-Formation-in-Valais.jpgValais is one of the Swiss cantons where foreign investors are welcome to invest. The canton of Valais has more than 300,000 inhabitants and it is a great business destination for those involved in the production of wine, considering that this Swiss region has the largest vines in the country (Valais is the sunniest region of the country). 
Those who want to open a company in Switzerland in the canton of Valais can find relevant investment opportunities in other business sectors, one of them being the information and communication technology (ICT). Opportunities in this sector can be found in areas such as software engineering, process management, internet, media computing and others; our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland can provide an in-depth presentation on how to start a business in Valais and may also assist in registering an ICT business in this canton.  

What are the main aspects of opening a Swiss company in Valais? 

Those who want to create a solid investment plan in a Swiss region have to make sure that several aspects are verified, in order to benefit from a smooth registration procedure. When opening a company in Switzerland it is best to analyze the main business forms that can be registered here, the capital requirements, the residency requirements or the overall value of the investment in a Swiss company. These matters can be discussed at length with our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland, who can advise on the following: 
  • choosing a legal entity – as a general rule, the most popular ways to start a company in Valais are through a limited liability company or through a public limited company;
  • residency requirements – although there are no requirements concerning the shareholders of the company, there are minimum residency conditions imposed to the company’s directors;
  • formalities for starting a business – the registration of a business can last approximately 2-3 weeks, which includes registering with the local institutions and drafting the company’s documents;
  • legal representation – foreign investors are not legally required to be present in the country during the registration of the company and in this case, our team of specialists can easily represent investors through the power of attorney;
  • register business forms addressed to natural persons – local and foreign persons can register a sole trader (a single founder is required) or a partnership, where at least two partners have to become associates;
  • expand through a subsidiary or a branch office – foreign companies can request information on the advantages of the two structures when entering the Valais business market. 

What are the formalities for opening a branch in Valais? 

A branch office can be registered in Valais, Switzerland, following the applicable Swiss legislation. The branch office is a structure that is dependent to its parent company abroad and subordinated to it. Thus, when opening a branch office, investors do not need to select a legal entity, nor do they need to deposit a share capital. 
However, investors are required to register with multiple local institutions and the parent company needs to provide a set of its corporate documents. Our team of consultants in Swiss company formation can offer step-to-step information on the basic requirements imposed in this case, but some of the necessary procedures are presented below: 
  • provide a copy of the parent company’s articles of association and its certificate of incorporation;
  • provide a document which stipulates the parent company’s minimum share capital;
  • a list presenting details on the parent company’s shareholders (names, nationality, residency);
  • a copy of the decision of opening a branch office in Valais, Switzerland, taken by the parent company’s board of directors;
  • the decision of appointing a local director who has a Swiss domicile or who is the holder of a passport issued by the European Union or by the Swiss authorities. 

What institutions are involved in the registration process in Valais? 

Persons who want to open a business in Valais are legally required to register with the local institutions. One of the main institutions involved in the procedure is the Swiss Commercial Register, where all types of companies have to be registered. Since a company is set up for commercial purposes, it is necessary to register it for tax purposes as well, and in this case, it is also important to register with the Federal Tax Administration
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists in company registration in Switzerland for more details on how to start a business in Valais. Investors can request advice on how to obtain a residency permit in this canton or how to apply for a Swiss visa, if needed. 

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