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EORI Registration in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 24th February 2020

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Since Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union (EU), the EU laws do not apply on the Swiss territory. However, in order to ensure good trading relations among the two entities, the Swiss authorities have created a legal framework which is compatible with the EU regulations. 
Businesses incorporated in this country do not have to complete the steps for EORI registration in Switzerland, as the EORI (Economic Operator Registration  and Identification) system is not applicable here. However, there is a corresponding identification number available for Swiss businesses, which is represented by the Enterprise Identification Number (UID). This number is necessary for Swiss businesses involved in the import or the export of goods and our team of consultants in company registration in Switzerland can present the legal requirements for obtaining this identification number

What are the regulations for import-export operations in Switzerland? 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Switzerland that develops business activities related to the import or the export of goods should consider the fact that the legislation in the field was modified a few years ago. During the procedure of company formation in Switzerland, a legal entity must also obtain the UID number. Since 2014, the UID number is used by a wide range of Swiss institutions, such as the Commercial Register of the VAT Register
With regards to the UID number for customs operations, it is necessary to know that the Federal Customs Administration also uses the UID number for the verification of the company. Starting with the 1st of January 2016, the customs authorities can process customs declarations completed by Swiss entities only if they provide the UID number. Our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland can assist with more details on the new rules.  
Although the EORI number in Switzerland does not apply to Swiss companies, it is necessary to know that Swiss entities developing trading activities in the EU, or other activities that are related to the EU customs, will need to apply for an EORI number. Thus, in the case of Swiss businesses that fall under these categories, the EORI in Switzerland will not apply, but the entity will need to obtain an EORI number in the EU country where it is considered a customs declarant.
From here, Swiss companies should follow the EORI registration procedure available in the country where they develop their trading activities, but only in the case in which the entities are considered active declarants. The application for an EORI number has to be done prior to engaging in customs operations. If not, the goods that will be traded between Switzerland and the respective EU country will be blocked by the customs authorities of the importing country.  

What are the requirements for importing goods into Switzerland? 

As a business located outside Switzerland which imports goods into this country, various procedures will apply. European companies importing products into this country must present their EORI number in Switzerland. In the relation with the Swiss authorities, including the customs authorities, all such businesses are required to present their EORI number in various types of documents required by the local institutions. 
The rule is available for importers, exporters, transporters and other entities engaging in trading operations. Businesses located outside the EU must also present their EORI in Switzerland and, considering that the country is not a member state of the EU, it is necessary to know that all the products imported here must obtain customs clearance
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What is the current situation of the import-export levels in Switzerland?

The Federal Customs Administration has gathered the latest data regarding the situation of the import-export levels registered by the customs offices in this country. Persons engaging in trading activities can request additional information on the current regulations from our team of consultants in Swiss company formation, who can advise on any particular requirements applicable to certain groups of products imported here. At the moment, the import-export activities in Switzerland are represented by the following: 
  • at the level of 2019, the total value of the exports accounted for CHF 312 billion (an increase of 2,6% compared to 2018);
  • the total value of the imports into Switzerland accounted for CHF 275 billion (increase of 0,7% compared to 2018);
  • the highest share of Swiss exports was represented by chemical and pharmaceutical products (with a total value of CHF 115 billion and a share of 36,7% of all the exports);
  • the highest demand for an import product in Switzerland was observed in the case of precious metals and gemstones, accounting for CHF 68 billion and a share of 24,6%;
  • the top trading partner was Germany (exports of CHF 48 billion and imports of CHF 57 billion). 
Businessmen are invited to address to our team of consultants in company registration in Switzerland for more information on any import-export regulation. Our specialists can advise foreign businesses on how to use the EORI in Switzerland and how to comply with the customs requirements imposed by the Swiss authorities.  

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