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Establish a Subsidiary in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 30th August 2021

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Swiss subsidiaries

Swiss subsidiaries are legal entities with capital partially or totally owned by foreign companies. The fact that the company’s capital is controlled by a foreign company is not conditioning the management of the Swiss company in matters such as the conclusion of new contracts or hiring employees. It may also issue shares and transfer them, as the Swiss subsidiary is considered a different legal entity than the parent company abroad
The foreign companies are elaborating the articles of association of the company and issue a decision of opening a subsidiary in Switzerland and these are documents that have to be provided to the Swiss authorities when registering the new legal entity in this country. Our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland can offer in-depth assistance on the registration of a subsidiary and may offer advice on the advantages of this business form.  


The registration process for a subsidiary in Switzerland

If you choose to invest in Switzerland in 2021 by opening a subsidiary of your foreign company in this country, you should no that no special license is required to perform activities under this business form, but the registration with the Swiss Companies Register is mandatory. Subsidiaries are formed as companies with limited liability and may be public or private and this aspect is decided depending on the business form under which the parent company abroad is registered.  

Our team of consultants in company registration in Switzerland invite you to watch the following video regarding the Swiss subsidiary:


Gesellschaftmitbeschränkter Haftung (GmbH), the limited liability company, must be formed by at least two shareholders. They must deposit a share capital of minimum CHF 20,000 in a Swiss bank account. It’s mandatory for the director to be a resident of Switzerland, but the business form allows the registration with 100% foreign ownership.  
Aktiengesellschaft (AG) is formed by at least one founder who must provide a minimum share capital of CHF 100,000. The capital cannot be increased with more than a half at a time and half of this sum must be provided during the registration procedure. The investors may appoint both local and foreign directors, but at least one of them has to be a Swiss citizen.  
The procedure of registration of such company begins with depositing the minimum share capital and receiving an extract from the bank regarding the financial operation and our team of representatives in company registration in Switzerland can offer in-depth assistance on this procedure. Our representatives may represent foreign investors in this specific matter, as well as in other registration steps through the power of attorney, which can be granted for specific activities. 
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Documents needed to register a Swiss subsidiary in 2021

Next, the articles of association are drafted in front of a notary, who will notarize the corporate and personal signature on the application. The notarized articles of association, the decision of incorporating the company in Switzerland and the certificate issued by the bank must be deposited with the Commercial Registry. The process takes approximately 7 days and has as a result the issuance of the registration certificate. There is also a stamp tax paid at a post office or a bank, after receiving the certificate.
The next step is registering for value added tax (VAT), if necessary, and the registration of the employees with the social insurance system. Certain regulations are in favor of the subsidiaries opened in Switzerland. For example, the vast network of double tax treaties is regulating the way the withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties paid to the treaty country are issued.
In most cases, the withholding tax is minimized or even exempt. The corporate tax on profits is paid only in the country of origin, not in Switzerland, or if an exception is made and it is paid here, a refund is offered.

What are the main advantages of the Swiss subsidiary?  

Foreign companies wishing to expand their business activities in Switzerland in 2021 can benefit from specific advantages when operating through a subsidiary, which are different than in the case of the branch office, another option available for foreign businesses. Some of the most important advantages are given by the following:
  • the Swiss subsidiary is considered a different legal entity than the parent company;
  • the parent company will not be held accountable for the liabilities incurred by the Swiss subsidiary;
  • a foreign company operating as a subsidiary will be treated just like a local company from a tax point of view, being entitled to various tax exemptions available in the canton where it is registered;
  • the subsidiary can operate in Switzerland under a different company name than the one of the parent company


We are also at your service if you want to create a subsidiary under the form of a Swiss stock corporation (SA).


Establishing a Subsidiary in Switzerland in 2021

Switzerland is renowned for its stable economy and many investors choose to expand their businesses here due to its taxation system, geographic and political position, low inflation and highly skilled workforce. Foreign businessmen who want to open a subsidiary in Switzerland in 2021, should know that this country still offers several tax incentives and government grants. Our team of company formation agents can give you more details about these incentives and can handle the entire process of setting up a subsidiary in Switzerland in 2021.
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists for in-depth assistance on the registration procedure available in this case. Our consultants are prepared to offer full services that are associated with the incorporation of a business and can provide advice on any corporate matter than can be of interest of foreign businessmen. They can also help you with professional accounting services, so if you need an accountant in Switzerland, you can rely on our team.Please note that foreign companies carrying out import activities here must use the EORI number in Switzerland

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