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Open a Hedge Fund in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 18th March 2020

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Open-a-Hedge-Fund-in-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland stands out as one of the main markets for the registration of offshore hedge funds. At the same time, the market is very well represented  for the distribution of foreign hedge funds, as the country provides a stable regulatory framework, comprised of numerous rules of law addressing to the registration/ distribution and to the investment activities permitted through a hedge fund.
Investors who want to open a company in Switzerland performing investment operations must know that the main statutory regulation for hedge funds is the Collective Investment Scheme Act (CISA); our team of consultants in company formation in Switzerland can provide in-depth assistance on the main obligations and rights deriving from this rule of law. 

FINMA regulations for Swiss hedge funds 

In 2015, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), issued a new set of regulations concerning the activities of hedge funds operated in this country. Under the latest version of the CISA, hedge funds entered under the supervision of FINMA, which imposed new regulations for the representatives of an investment vehicle registered as a hedge fund
In the case of a foreign hedge fund operating on the Swiss market, it is now reccommended to appoint a Swiss legal representative and a paying agent, but certain exemptions from this regulation apply in the following cases: 
distribution limited to supervised financial intermediaries, such as banks and insurance companies;
investors who have entered a written asset management agreement with a supervised financial intermediary
These regulations were imposed after Switzerland, through FINMA, entered into a cooperation agreement with the European Union (EU) for investment activities carried out through alternative investment funds. Our team of specialists in company registration in Switzerland may offer in-depth assistance on the provisions of the agreement. 

Legislation for Swiss hedge funds 

Investment vehicles registered as hedge funds are regulated by a wide set of regulations, as presented below: 
Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance;
Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance issued by FINMA;
FINMA Ordinance on Bankruptcy of Collective Investment Schemes
Other regulations can apply in the case of Swiss hedge funds and investors are invited to contact our consultants for in-depth assistance regarding this subject. 

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