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Open a Publishing Company in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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Open-a-Publishing-Company-in-Switzerland.jpgWhen opening a publishing company in Switzerland the investors should take into consideration the main types of fields which are the most developed in this country. Publishing is comprised of many types of activities, from magazine publishing to book publishing. Persons who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland can find out more details on the business permits which required for this type of business, as well as on other procedures related to the incorporation of a publishing business. Our team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer more details on this type of company

Open a business in Switzerland 

In order to open a Swiss company, the investor will have to decide upon the region in which the business should be registered, the size of the company, the initial investment, the business plans established for medium to long term, but also many other legal aspects. 
One of the most important aspect in this sense is the legal entity of the company. A common choice is the opening of a GmbH in Switzerland, but the businessman should choose a type of legal entity suitable for his business objectives. Once the legal entity is established, the businessmen will have to draft the articles of association – the main statutory documents, in front of a public notary in Switzerland. Our team of company formation consultants in Switzerland can assist with legal advice when drafting a legal document here. 
It is compulsory to open a bank account for the future company, in which the minimum share capital is deposited (which can vary in accordance with the business form of the company, as well as on the number of shareholders). 
The legal entity will be recognised in Switzerland only after the articles of association are deposited at the Commercial Register. It is also necessary to register for Value Added Tax and for other tax purposes, but also to register the company’s employees in the social insurance system. Also, we can assist you with accounting solutions. Our accountants in Switzerland can offer specific tax-related solutions to both small and large organizations. Working with our accountants will provide you with access to a personalized solution because every type of business has different characteristics. Feel free to contact us.

Publishing industry in Switzerland  

The publishing industry is comprised of several sub-sectors, such as: 
The average salary of a person hired in a publishing company can vary depending on the city in which the company is incorporated. Persons interested in Swiss company formation must know that the level of salary is much lower in Basel, compared to Geneva, where it can reach CHF 92,000. 
Businessmen interested in finding out more details on the publishing companies are invited to contact our team of company formation agents in Switzerland

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