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Start a Retail Business in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 18th March 2020

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Start-a-Retail-Business-in-Switzerland.jpgThe retail industry covers a wide area of commercial activities, which can aim at various target groups. With the rapid expansion of the online environment, retail companies can also be registered as online shops, as these types of platforms are becoming more and more regulated and safe, for both the companies and their clients. Foreign investors who are interested in setting up a retail business in Switzerland should know that the registration process follows the rules and regulations applicable to any other type of company incorporated here, but it is necessary to obtain business licenses for the specific activities of the company and our team of Swiss company formation specialists can offer assistance in this matter.

Register a retail company in Switzerland  

One of the main steps when deciding to open a company in Switzerland is to choose a legal entity which will best represent the interests of the investors. There are several types of companies available in this country and the most popular one is the Swiss Gmbh. Once the decision is taken, the businessmen should draft the statutory documents of the company, represented by the articles of association and the memorandum, which will be signed in the presence of a public notary in Switzerland
The signatures of the representatives of the company will be legalized, alongside with the above mentioned documents. Furthermore, the investor will have to file the deed of the articles of association at the Commercial Registry
As equally important is to open a corporate bank account, in which the shareholders will deposit the minimum share capital. The sum will vary in accordance with the legal entity of the company
Our team of Swiss company formation representatives can also assist foreign investors to comply with the tax and social contributions regulations. 


Retail industry in Switzerland 

At the level of 2015, the retail industry registered positive results. However, it is necessary to know that the online retail had negative effects on the traditional retailing, as the population is searching for more flexible shopping experiences. 
A characteristic of the local market is that the most powerful traditional retailers are also present in the online environment. 
A sub-field with positive results in 2015 was the traditional grocery retailers, which registered these results as a consequence of their distribution channels
Businessmen who want to receive more details on how to start a retail business in Switzerland can address to our team of Swiss company incorporation agents for assistance. 

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