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Swiss Shareholders

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Swiss-Shareholders-1.jpgCompany shareholders in Switzerland

Swiss Shareholders are entitled to a series of rights in the company they invest in but their investments also come with liabilities and responsibilities. The limited liability company is one of the most popular business forms in Switzerland and this type of company requires a minimum number of shareholders.
If you want to open a company in Switzerland, our experts can give you detailed information about the incorporation procedure and the minimum number of shareholders per company.

Shareholder’s rights in Switzerland 

The limited liability company and the public limited company in Switzerland require at least one shareholder in order to be formed. The shareholder can also be a member of the board of directors or even the company director. The liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount invested in the share capital.
The shareholders of a company must gather each year for a meeting. This must take place no later than six months after the company registration in Switzerland. These individuals have the authority to decide upon the composition of the board of directors and the executive management of the company: they name and discharge directors and board members.
Most decisions regarding the management of the company are only valid of all the shareholders participate in the meeting. However, the following proposals can be validated even if some of the shareholders are not present: performing a special audit, electing the auditors or convening an extraordinary shareholder’s meeting

Swiss corporate governance

Shareholders in Switzerland have a given right to vote in meetings according to the number of shares. Usually, one share provides one vote. However, the company’s articles of association might specify various requirements for shareholders within that corporation. 
Investors who open a company in Switzerland will need to observe the company law in the country, not only for the management of the corporation but also those regarding taxation for companies
Our company registration experts in Switzerland can give you detailed information about company incorporation and management in the country. You can contact our team in Zurich for more details and assistance. 

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