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The Crypto Valley Association

Updated on Friday 23rd February 2018

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The-Crypto-Valley-Association.jpgSwitzerland is the main European center for cryptocurrency companies, with Zug standing out as the top Swiss destination for this types of investments. Zug is also the home of the Crypto Valley Association, a body which was created to assist the needs of investors who want to open a company in Switzerland in this sector. Recently, the Crypto Valley Association also created a Code of Conduct regarding the manner in which investors can launch initial coin offerings (ICOs) in this country. Our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland can advise businessmen on the regulatory framework available for ICOs


The purpose of the Crypto Valley Association 

Switzerlands offers an attractive market for cryptocurrency startups and most of the businesses operating in this field were set up in Zug, the canton with the highest level of investments in cryptocurrencies. The Crypto Valley Association is a strong promoter of cryptocurrency businesses and it can provide assistance for the following:
develop business relations with the local authorities;
attracting cryptocurrency businesses;
provide assistance in launching a cryptocurrency business;
assisting in the development of a regulatory framework in the field;
promoting Crypto Valley in the industry and mass-media; 
attracting expert service providers

ICOs regulations concluded by the Crypto Valley Association 

The Crypto Valley Association benefits from the support of the main financial regulator, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). In order to assist the investment activities that are carried out in this new business sector, the Crypto Valley Association developed a Code of Conduct for ICO, which is a method for raising capital for investments in cryptocurrency businesses; our representatives can offer further assistance on this subject. 
The Code provides rules for the members of the Crypto Valley Association, as well as for the businessmen who invest in these activities. The core idea of the Code aims at transparency measures regarding these investments and protecting the interests of the token buyers.
The Code also stipulates the measure of disciplinary action in the situation in which those who have adopted the Code will breach it. Since this field of activity has entered international markets in the last years, most of the jurisdictions do not have a specific regulatory framework. However, Switzerland provides one of the most developed systems so far. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants in company registration in Switzerland for in-depth advice on the cryptocurrency regulations available here. 

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